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It is not the righteous, after all, who Jesus came to save, but sinners. (Palm Sunday) THE ARRIVAL OF THE KING - Vss. They shouted, Blessed is he who coming in the name of the Lordthe King of Israel. Palm Sunday B Don't forget to subscribe to the Sermons That Work podcast to hear this sermon and more on your favorite podcasting app! So let us read Matthew 21:1-11. Palm Sunday is a day when Christians traditionally celebrate the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. And quite often in the Bible when we are told of the reaction of the crowds, we see the behaviour of the onlookers. And heres my answer: Its Palm Sunday. Did you know that Jesus will enter triumphantly into the world once again? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. read more, Scripture: So Palm Sunday was a day of insight and a day of misunderstanding. They questioned Jesus, they doubted those who he had healed. Palm Sunday was the beginning of the end of Jesus work on earth. The last sermon was preached one week after Easter. Palm Sunday: Your King Is Coming! This is an original story sermon, inspired by the "news from Lake Wobegon", with some serious reflection about what Palm Sunday meant for Jesus and for us. Those who greeted Him were convinced He was the Messiah (or "anointed one . 2021 Verse 15 says, He will also trample the winepress of the fierce anger of God, the Almighty.. There are many verses in the Bible talking about Jesus riding upon the donkey. And this year thats especially important to remember and hang on to. When we talk about the things of God it takes faith that appreciates what cannot be exhaustively explained and is beyond being reduced to human reason. Text: Matthew 21:10-11 Palm Sunday Redeemer Honouring their religious beliefs by travelling the great distances to Jerusalem, perhaps only once in their lifetime going to the Holy City for the most Holy of Feasts the Passover. Jesus would bring salvation through His crucifixion, His burial, and His resurrection. The point is, unbelievers look at us and call us fools. A true servant We offer 30,000+ outlines and 10,000+ free sermon illustrations from top Christian pastors and communicators. On Palm Sunday, Christians throughout the world celebrate the day Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem days before his crucifixion. I have not yet preached this text, but possible . It was at Passover time, when many Jews from the countryside would be there celebrating this special feast. read more, Scripture: Its in our hearts. Lord in your mercy hear our prayer, We pray, O God, for all who are in deep need this day, We pray for those who like Jesus enter this week knowing that they will suffer Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer, We pray for those who like Jesus enter this week knowing that they will be rejected and reviled even though innocent of any crime. TREES PLAY A MAJOR ROLE IN THE SCRIPTURE. It is against someone who rides on a horse, in royal robes, mounting for war. If Interrupting the Silence has been meaningful in your life or helpful in your ministry please. His mother stayed home to watch over him. It will be difficult and painful; Holy Week always is. THE AUTHORITY OF THE KING - Vss. Were not walking into the church together singing All glory, laud, and honor and the lips of children [are not making] sweet hosannas ring. There are no palms today, at least not like last year, or the year before, or any other year that Ive celebrated Palm Sunday. There are processions in Roman Catholic countries. The reproduction, or distribution of this message, or any portion of it, should include the authors name. You see, someone has to absorb the judgment of Gods wrath towards sin. Those same people that welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem by shouting, Hosanna, would later reject Jesus and shout, Crucify him! If youve given your life to Jesus, can anyone tell? Luke 19:29-44, 1 Timothy 1:1-4, Denomination: Its the tension in our lives. Part of that judgment is the loneliness and emptiness of those who try to "connect and forget it.". John points to the words of Zechariah the prophet who foretold this moment long ago. Palm Sunday Sermon: "Lay Down Your Cloaks" April 5, 2009 Adam Walker Cleaveland This sermon was preached at Asbury United Methodist Church in Livermore, CA on Palm Sunday, April 5, 2009. Crowds sometimes can be scary and yet sometimes supportive. The Gospel writers tell us a crowd gathered, gushing with excitement, and lined the road in front of Jesus as he slowly rode into the city. Sermon on Palm Sunday. . Press, 2021). read more. You've heard that the Messiah has come. Come, Lord Jesus!. the Pharisees object. Holy Week and Easter will not happen in the church this year like they have in previous years. Sermon text: Mark 11: 1-11. Your email address will not be published. Jesus first coming changed many of our lives. However, when Jesus was glorified, then they remembered that these things had been written about him and that they had done these things to him. Secular census records indicate there were at least 2,500,000 people in Jerusalem for the event. We should also celebrate and look forward to Jesus return as the mighty king who will rescue us from this world and take us into paradise with Him forever. Easter is coming and that means more people in our buildings. When Jesus comes to town, he often challenges the things that are most dear to us. He knew what was to come and yet he ate and drank with Judas. That leads us to our fourth aspect of Jesus first triumphal entry: Jesus said Himself in Luke 19:10, For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost. [on screen]. (14 of 28), Overcoming the Barrier in Your Brain (2 of 3), Palm Sunday - the Place, the People and the Purpose, The Message of the Colt - A Palm Sunday Sermon, Why the Cross of Christ Is Glorious: A Palm Sunday Sermon, Palm Sunday: Why the Gospel Inspires (1 of 2), The Tragic Side of a Triumphant Event (1 of 4), CCPA - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. 12-14. Part of being the conquering king is that He will deal judgment. 1. Show them His love and tell them of His grace. Sermon Seeds. Zechariah 9:9 and Matthew 21:1-11 SERMON - Palm Sunday 2011 The steadfastness of God compared to the fickleness of man What is Palm Sunday all about? Prepare your message for a Palm Sunday service to celebrate Christ's ministry. I have sometimes struggled with Palm Sunday. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord the King of Israel! 14Jesus found a young donkey and sat on it, just as it is written: 15Do not be afraid, Daughter Zion. Jesus came as a humble Savior, not an intimidating conqueror. John 12:12-19, Denomination: All Sermons $5.99 each. Palm Sunday is a day of stark contrast. You've heard of the great miracles he has been performing. Palm Sunday is the doorway into this week. read more, Scripture: It's also very old, going all the way back to Paul and developing during that first century as . So you can be certain I'll be at home today glued to a TV in anticipation of who will win the coveted Green Jacket. It joins the week of We might except that Jesus would have come into town instead on a Clydesdale horse, or a lion, or something regal. Isaiah also prophesied in Isaiah 53:5, But he was pierced because of our rebellion, crushed because of our iniquities; punishment for our peace was on him, and we are healed by his wounds. [on screen]. 12The next day, when the large crowd that had come to the festival heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, 13they took palm branches and went out to meet him. They wanted an incomparable king, but they would see a beaten blasphemer. From ideas on sermon topics to how to develop church growth to insight on ministry life, Preaching helps pastors develop every area of life and work in ministry. The theme for this week is having the mind of Christ, and on this Palm Sunday, we pause to consider the thoughts Jesus must have been thinking as he approached the events of Holy Week. These two books are invaluable tools for anyone presuming to preach during Holy Week! Palm Sunday is more than cute kids waving palm branches in church. It's designed to deepen your walk with Christ and to better grasp the events in the last week of Jesus' earthly life. Who Is This? The entire gamut of emotion was evidenced, great fear, great suffering, great confusion, great sorrow, and finally, great joy. Most of you know today by its more common name, Palm Sunday. The extent of my ability to think and understand eternity on my own is like dust on a scale, imperceptible. The author intends to provide free resources in order to inspire believers and to assist preachers and teachers in Kingdom work. He knew and yet he taught in the marketplace and healed those who came to him. THE MESSIAH ARRIVES . And today were all Jerusalem. It had to be in the morning, prior to noon, and it needed to be preceded by the ringing of a bell. They think youre the Messiah come to save us. Jesus likely had been with His 12 Disciples for about 2 years and as we will soon note that Jesus was beginning to teach about Lets study quickly the second triumphal entry of Jesus. Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday, in the Christian tradition, the first day of Holy Week and the Sunday before Easter, commemorating Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Are you prepared to give the Lord praise this Palm Sunday? Palm Sunday Sermons and Sermon Illustrations. And in that we are closer to Christ and his knowledge of the real situation than the disciples were. He knew that they, the jeering crowd would shout out Let him be crucified! And that when Pilate asked, Why, what evil has he done? they would shout all the more, Let him be crucified! And Pilate would release Barabbas for them; and after flogging Jesus, he would be handed over to be crucified. Palm Sunday Sermons Bible Study Palm Sunday Sermons April 7, 2022 Palm Sunday is the first day of the Holy Week and is the Sunday before Easter. As Alistair Begg explains, the details of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem can only be truly viewed through the lens of believing faith. You are some of the best people I know - let's come together by serving our guests on this special Sunday. I feel the turmoil in my life and Ill bet you feel it in yours. The Priority of Jesus . Hosanna in the highest." Christ pours out that same blood he shed in Jerusalem into the cup to bring to us the forgiveness of sins. COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: The text contained in this sermon is solely owned by its author. Then on Sunday, please be our guests for one of the Easter services as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For centuries, the church has memorialized today, the first day of Holy Week, as Palm Sunday because of the palm branches and cloaks that the people spread out before Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. Why do we celebrate Palm Sunday? So goes the shout, in the psalm, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD! As the procession got closer and closer people began to see the dust rising from shuffling feet. One day, as the church was emptying, a passerby asked one of the people in the church why this preachers There can be jeering crowds and there is also a crowd mentality. Our call to worship in Psalm 31 finds the psalmist in sorrow and grief, yet confident God is aware of his suffering. These sermons focus on the kingly nature of Jesus Christ, the joy of Jesus' arrival, and what Jesus kingship means for our lives. He means business. Last week we noted from Mark Chapter 7, Jesus taught the importance of having a right heart. Amen. Christians around the world recognize Palm Sunday as the day Jesus made His triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem. In your work, family, school, and life - what is your motivation? They were thinking that Jesus might very well be this Messiah. At other times God instructed His prophet to present to His people an object lesson or living example of the idea that God was trying to communicate. To say we welcome spring is to understate the case. Or get 30 FREE now! He will rule them with an iron rod. Our sermon ideas for Palm Sunday will help you preach a powerful message. Two and a half hours later, as the clock lurched toward midnight, and as the clean-up crew stuffed popcorn boxes and wrappers into trash bags, Kobe Bryant was still on the Heat's gym floor, launching hundreds of jumpers at the basket. Today, my brethren, we celebrate the prophecy of Zacharias. Congregational. (LogOut/ It reminds us of the story of Dr. John Bowring who heard the story of the destruction of a magnificent cathedral on the Island of Macao in the region of Hong Kong. A visual guide to the big ideas, structure, theology, and historical background of 2 Samuel. The Gospel writers tell us a crowd gathered, gushing with excitement, and lined the road in front of Jesus as he slowly rode into the city. Bottom Line: Receive Jesus, the TriumphantKing. Sunday Services 9:30 am . Matthew 21:7-11, Denomination: And what a week it is, eight days that begin with Palm Sunday and end with Easter Sunday. Tell them to shut up. Hosanna in the brief moment of earthly acclaim. All nature sings and shouts and waves its praise to the Creator in the boldest, brightest colors it can find. For the Palm/Passion Sunday preacher, Philippians 2:5-11 might not emerge as the most immediate candidate for the basis of a sermon. read more, Last Sunday in his childrens devotion, Mr. Donovan talked about movie previews. Challenge yourself this week in the following ways: Did the coming of the Suffering Servant make any difference in your life? It will come through a person the Messiah of God the one sent to rescue his people. Jesus is SALVATION IN THE HIGHEST: here to be experienced, to be worshipped, to be honored and to be celebrated. And it begins today. Blessings on the one who Bless you. Hosanna. Palm Sunday: Hosanna or Crucify Him? Hed know even as the people shouted on Sunday Hosanna in the highest hosanna to the Son of David Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Weekly Theme: Palm/Passion Sunday. There are cheering crowds like when my favourite football team Mansfield Town score a goal. The first time Jesus came into town, He came into town riding on a donkey. But actually, it wasnt the salvation part that was the problem so much as the way Jesus would bring salvation. They are filled with new wine they said. And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest. (Matt.21:9) For example: When Jesus healed the man born blind by making mud with dirt and spit and anointing his eyes with it some of the Pharisees believed it to be a great miracle. They wanted to be free from Gentile oppression, even if by force, even if by threats and plagues and a split sea, as they recounted so well in their history. One week a hero, the next just another victim, a person, an object, to be spat upon and scorned to be beaten and killed. Jesus actually took on our judgment so that we wouldnt have to. A Palm Sunday sermon illustraing the turn of events from the joyful shouts of "Hosanna" on Palm Sunday to "Crucify Him" on Good Friday. Objective: It reveals to us the stark conflict of the human heart when actually faced with God. Just ask any football manager or team if they are on a bad run of results! Not just a donkey, but a young donkey! All Rights Reserved. Here's a sermon by Kevin Miller that might inspire a few ideas for your own Palm Sunday sermon (April 5, 2009). Whens the last time youve taken someone to Jesus? His work at the second triumphal entry will make it possible for us experience that salvation in full. This Sunday, Pastor Layne starts our Lenten sermon series with a message on Palm Sunday (Mark 11:1-11). Churches are decorated with palms today in remembrance of the waving of the palm branches. After 2020 nothing will be normal again. Significant conquering heroes like generals and kings ride into town on horses. read more, Scripture: The Coming of the King Image: jgroup Our Top 5 Palm Sunday sermons will ignite your own creativity as you prepare to preach about Jesus entry into Jerusalem on the week before Easter Sunday. Lets take a look at the actual event about 2000 years ago of what led to Palm Sunday Celebrations! By verse 22 of this psalm, the rejected stone has become the cornerstone (Psalm 118:22). Jesus will bring destruction on His enemies when He comes the second time. So lets look at some aspects of this first triumphal entry and see what God is teaching us. The King is coming to the world affected with COVID-19 pandemic. The insight gave joy, and the . First of all about palms - palm . We find an example of this in Luke 19:28-40. Amen. Your email address will not be published. This second triumphal entry will be more in line with the kind of king that the people were looking for the first time. 03:12 - Source: CNN. Soon a woman came along and curtly told the man that he was seated in 'her seat'. Now, as we celebrate Palm Sunday we follow suit with our shouts of "hosanna!" and our skinny little palm fronds that we told . What's YOUR motivation? Garments were spread on the road. by Craig Webb on Monday, March 03, 2008 at 6:00 AM Sermon series: Foundations of Our Faith This isnt just any phrase. That salvation that Jesus would bring would give us new life and seal our adoption as Gods children into His family forever. He will also trample the winepress of the fierce anger of God, the Almighty. Sermons; Media Gallery; Contact Us; Members. The people were tired of being under the thumb of the Romans. Several years ago I preached a sermon series I called "The Road to the Hill." You can find that series, and 15 more Easter sermons, in Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Easter Sermons. No time for reflection, just an immediate and mass response. I love the definition of a sacrament: ''The outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace, given by Christ as sure and certain means by which we receive grace.'' Were on a mission to change that. There is actually a biblical reason that we call this Palm Sunday. Peace and Holy Week blessings to you. When the World Trade Center collapsed following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, workers excavating the site found a cross-shaped beam, that standing upright amid the ruin and debris, became a make-shift center of worship. By StMark's updates On April 26, 2021 April 26, 2021. Because in a very few days, those same people are going to be a very different sort of a crowd for you! Look at what you hold in your mind or handThe palm cross of hosanna! Michael Herman Scripture Reference: Matthew 21:1-17 The stage is set. It was more like a cheer than a chant. Palm/Passion Sunday Yr C, 20/03/2016 Fresh, green palm branches, presumably picked from nearby trees, and thick, worn clothing, likely from the backs of the crowd, formed a tapestry of endearment toward Israels long-awaited Messiah. (There are two gospel readings: Matthew 21:1-11 (the triumphal entry) and Matthew 27:11-54 (the passion)). They mockingly placed a crown of thorns on Jesus head at His crucifixion. Zechariah 9:9, Denomination: He came to celebrate the ancient Passover with his fellow Jews. Sermon for Palm Sunday: The Crown and The Cross O Lord, we pray, speak in this place, in the calming of our minds and in the longing of our hearts, by the words of my lips and in the thoughts that we form. Centuries of prophesy are coming to pass in front of your eyes. Prepare your message for a Palm Sunday service to celebrate Christ's ministry. 4 The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word. Assembly Of God. Lets look at John 12:12-16. Turmoil. The mind of the crowd moves to one side, or the other, of an issue. I also like the ''sure and certain'' part. read more, Scripture: They kept shouting: Hosanna! There will be no doubt that Jesus is king and that He is mighty when He returns. Youve no doubt heard of mob rule? Its the day the Sunday School children process into the church, waving their palm branches, and we as a congregation sing Hosanna, Loud Hosanna, remembering Do not for one minute close your eyes or turn away from your Holy Week, because this one who enters the turmoil of Jerusalem, this one who comes in the name of the Lord this is the one who will rise to new life on the third day. So I preached a sermon called "Mixed Reviews" about how we praise Jesus or push him away. However, Jesus was not the kind of king that they expected. He is coming with the Before we do that, lets pray and ask God to speak to us. Get Free Weekly Updates from Preaching Today. From the editor To teach that comfort and joy can come from keeping your eyes on Jesus. In Jerusalem were powerful people who hated Jesus and wanted Him dead. Here is a brief outline, summing up the events of Palm Sunday, as presented by Matthew: THE PLAN OF JESUS Vss. Blessed be your name now and forevermore. Gary D. Robinson Luke 19:28-44 On the day we call Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a young donkey. 8-Week Series for Lent. (This childrens talk is based on Luke 19: 37, 38.) Just as a winepress squeezes grape juice out of grapes for the preparation of wine, so also, the wrath that King Jesus will bring will spill the blood of Gods enemies in preparation of the judgment of God. Today, well learn about the next era in church history. An Episcopal Priest's Sermons, Prayers, and Reflections on Life, Becoming Human, and Discovering Our Divinity. The Second Triumphal Entry [on screen]. I. PREPARATIONS ARE MADE Late Sunday morning, or perhaps even early afternoon, Jesus and His disciples started walking toward the nearby city of Jerusalem. Only the front wall of the Cathedral remained and atop it was great metal cross Our next section actually relates to prayer although the authors did not make the obvious connection. Sermons by Date; Sermons by Series; Old Testament Sermons . Palm Sunday. Even though we are not able to be together in our sanctuaries at South Bay and at Picton United Churches, we are still the Church. 2. Made me think about Holy Week in a different way. A mystery which you and I cannot truly understand, but which, when we accept it in faith and in our heart of hearts, turns earthly despair into heavenly triumph. . Im not being flippant. Reading the story of Palm Sunday aloud, or in private, is an intimate way to draw close to God and celebrate. People respond to Jesus' arrival with joy, betrayal, or the offering of their lives. This is the festive season of Passover. Meg Bucher shares - "Jesus' fulfillment of the Old Testament Scriptures on Palm Sunday is recorded in all four New Testament Gospel Accounts: Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11 , Luke 19:28-44 , and John 12:12-19 . These special ceremonies were taking place toward the end of the . They recognize that he is the promised one, the Son of David, everything is going to go our way. That takes us to our bottom line for the week. Theyre pumped that Jesus will be their Messiah King! Free Access to Sermons on 70 Palm Trees, Church Sermons, Illustrations on 70 Palm Trees, and Preaching Slides on 70 Palm Trees. The Passion of Jesus . Palm Sunday: Countdown to Resurrection Sign up for our newsletter: Palm Sunday (This children's talk is based on Luke 19: 37, 38.) Home > Communication > Upcoming Events > View Event. Preaching / By Phillip Brandt. Sermon for April 2, 2023 - Palm Sunday. My Palm Sunday sermon is that message: " Choose a Donkey Over a Horse." Palm Sunday Victory [RCL] Isaiah 50:4-9a; Psalm 31:9-16; Philippians 2:5-11; Matthew 26:14- 27:66 or Matthew 27:11-54 Today we celebrate Palm Sunday, the triumphal procession of Christ through the streets of Jerusalem, when the men and women of the city shouted out "Hosannah!" to the Son of David, and laid at his feet cloaks and branches? We thank you Lord, though you were sinless, you suffered willingly for sinners, though innocent, you accepted death to save the guilty. You see, Jesus will come again, and it will be triumphal once again! We dont know exactly when Hes coming back, but we know that He is. The promise of Palm Sunday is that Easter will overcome Good Friday. All were fulfilled with Christ our Messiah. read more, Scripture: Lutheran. You likely didn't come in here this morning picturing a Palm Sunday Jesus with red-rimmed eyes, tear-stained cheeks, and a quivering chin. As some of you may be aware, today has two names on the church calendar. Sermon on Palm Sunday 6 April 2022 by a Dominican friar "The weakness of God is stronger than men." Our Lord, in His short public ministry, spoke much about the kingdom of God. Are you ready for Him to return? Change). Jesus as the true Messiah-King is different than all would-be Messiahs and Kings. He knew and yet he called all the disciples his friends. thy kingdom come,thy will be done,on earth as it is in heaven. Bethany was only about 2 miles east of Jerusalem, an easy walk of around 25-30 minutes. Sermons Palm Sunday Salvation Conve. (LogOut/ The procession to and from the ceremony at Westminster Abbey was witnessed by unprecedentedly huge crowds, as the new railways made it easier for an estimated 400,000 to come to London from the rest of the country. In the calendar of the Western Church today is the Sunday which is known as Palm Sunday. Look past the palm branches and the lifted arms. Hosanna Jesus! Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson The Pharisees get it, you see. Jesus enters the turmoil of Jerusalem at Passover with a distinct and powerful message of self-definition; and in his case, that's also one of God-definition. This is the first triumphal entry of Jesus. . It's Your Choice Mark 11:1-10, Humility: The View from Below (John 12:12-18), Palm Sunday: The Trial Between the Triumphs (Matthew 21:1-11, 26:36-27:66). I have sometimes struggled with Palm Sunday. 4236 Haverhill Road West Palm Beach, FL 33417. One Small Change Will Energize Tomorrow's Sermon, Slow Down, Big Fellawhat A Motorcyclist Taught Me About Preaching, Spit-Shine Tomorrow's Sermon Before You Go To Bed Tonight. Behind Him were At times in scripture we see that God instructed his prophets to speak his instructions to God's people. Its not right. GREAT EXPECTATIONS, MAJOR. An exciting rumor spread through the city: ''Jesus Christ is coming!'' The Messiah comes in a more humble fashion on a donkey. We are a nondenominational congregation of Christians located in West Palm Beach aiming to be faithful in every way to Jesus Christ. Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday Sermon: What Kind of King Did You Expect? He came and gave His life on the cross so that you might be saved. read more, Scripture: Palm Sunday Sermon from John 12 on Jesus' Idenity as Messiah What Kind of Savior Are You Looking For? CNN . Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord. Struggled when we celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey being cheered and palm leaves and blankets laid down in front of him and then later in the service we have the reading of the passion. He pointed out how previews package up the highlights of an upcoming movie to get you excited about seeing that film. But not this year. This is the promise to which all of us have been looking since we gave our lives to Jesus! Today is known as Palm Sunday. (LogOut/ In-Person Worship Modern Service @ 9:50 & 11:10 AM Traditional Service @ 8:30 AM Directions 500 N. Watterson Trail Louisville, KY 40243 Phone: (502) 245-9793 Get Directions They accused Jesus of not being who he was. Hosanna, blessed are you who have come in the name of the Lord to save and deliver your people. It will also be the place from which new life arises. Morning by morning he wakens wakens my ear to listen as those who are taught. And on this Palm Sunday and on the crowd the Spirit of God had descended. America is in turmoil. But in any crowd, then and now, you get two kinds of people. MANY SIGNIFICANT EVENTS TOOK PLACE UNDER TREES. Hes coming back. Interestingly, this very moment was prophesied. read more, Scripture: Copyright 2003-2023 | Outreach, Inc., All rights reserved. The Palm Sunday message is about the story of the Almighty King who rode on a donkey on the clothes of the people, announcing the humble and peaceful arrival of the Prince of Peace.