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Jezebel also reported that public records also don't appear to corroborate a small plane crash occurring during the dates in question. 3 This specific link has a disclaimer that records have only been natively uploaded since 1996. Then you do ear-irrigation and balancing exercises. There is simply too much social incentive in doing so and anyone who tried to say that you are lying will be demonized as an insensitive prick. It's like, you learn and grow through wisdom and experience of being in this business, especially with the internet," she told the outlet. Was she covering for a painkiller addiction, and was that part of why she went to rehab in 1994? At the height of her success and fame as a dancer and singer, Abdul took a break from the music industry. In 1991, Abdul earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No other passengers have spoken about a crash. Paula Abduls website page for the tour, which mentions the plane crash but does not list the relevant tour dates. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I. Thats the story I got from a mutual friend, he was a very heavy smoker and even in a pressurized airplane like his 414A, you can get a 8-12,000 foot cabin altitude if you go high enough, of the system isnt fully pressurizing. Little known fact: It happened while Brian Willams interviewed her. The 41-year-old singer starred on the show's third season in 2004, and Paula explained that she didn't . I withstood 15 cervical spinal surgeries and I had to take seven years off," she said of the event, via Distractify. Paula Abdul has wowed onlookers with her recent death- and gravity-defying live performances, during which she has swan-dived from "Cold-Hearted"-style scaffolding into the waiting arms of her. | Photo: In 1992 1, Paula Abdul was flying from a performance in St. Louis to Denver while on her Under My Spell Tour (sometimes called the Spellbound tour, the name of the album she was promoting at this time). if you notice, actors, musicians, etc always seem to get arrested or end up in the news right around the same time they are promoting something new. In an interview with Yahoo! No injury was reported. She was shown nodding out, slurring speech, pupils dilated- all symptoms of opiate addiction. It also doesnt care if you are using it for fun, to cope with life or to cope with pain. They were pop artists at around the same time, and the accident was around the same time as shes claiming, within two years or so. I was really injured. Because Paula was in the height of her career at the time when the alleged plane crash occurred, many outlets, including Jezebel, KDWB, and DListed, have been skeptical about whether or not it actually happened, since it wasn't reported on or spoken about at the time. Abdul, who was in her early 30's at the time, revealed she boarded a seven-seater plane after a show and was going from St. Louis to Denver. But Abdul shakes off such accusations. Abdul arrived in the entertainment industry as one of the most promising talents of her time. PAULA ABDUL has been talking a lot lately about that plane crash she was in back in the early '90s . Despite Abduls denials, there is still rampant speculation that she is or was addicted to painkillers. Distractify is a registered trademark. To her credit, she lived up to the expectation, making herself one of the most popular choreographers in the industry. Was Paula Abdul in a plane crash? Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. In a 2019 interview with RuPaul, she claimed that one of the "engines blew up" an hour into the flight. Patrick Swayze was in real, honest to goodness accident: I remember hearing a rumor years back that he got drunk and crashed a plane. Then, 30 to 40 minutes into the flight (the time has varied in her repeated accounts), there was trouble. It was not fun. Exactly. Imagine Abdul and her crew just ditching that burned-up plane. Very little treatment available. She definitely struck me as somewhat physically disabled, and absolutely addicted to opioids. And I wasn't getting significantly better., After she traveled around the world unsuccessfully in search of a miracle cure (I felt like I could become an honorary neurosurgeon, because I knew so much about what was happening to my body, she quips), Abdul finally tried neuroscience. Did you ever see her when she was on America's Got Talent? Abdul wasnt so specific on RuPaul, but in previous tellings, she has pinpointed the date of the accident as occurring between the St. Louis and Denver stops on the tour. And then Paula Abdul went on record saying she had never said those things. You know what? "I was freezing cold, then sweating hot, then chattering and in so much pain, it was excruciating. You can find out more and change our default settings with Cookies Settings. In 1992 Paula Abdul supposedly survived a devastating plane crash in an emergency crash landing into a cornfield in Iowa. I withstood 15 cervical spinal surgeries and I had to take seven years off. But Abdul shakes off such accusations. The singer has spoken out multiple times about a serious plane crash accident, but there are some who don't buy her story. Paula Abdul is interesting. I mean, the CRPS at least doesn't necessarily mean as dramatic as it sounds if you look it up. That album flopped, and then she disappeared for about seven years. Im forever grateful and I certainly did miss you.. On Tuesdays episode of RuPauls new talk show, RuPaul (which kicked off a three-week trial run Monday on selected Fox affiliates), consummate survivor and savior of this years Billboard Music Awards show, Paula Abdul, took to Rus pink couch to promote her upcoming Las Vegas residency. In the aforementioned KDWB interview, Abdul confused several dates. SUBSCRIBE for regular episodes and bonusesGet free Secrets to ending pain guide: http://www.zeropainnow.comGet daily Zero Pain Now updates on Facebook:https:. There are only a handful of aircraft accidents, in fact, in the general vicinity during the timeframe between June 19, 1992, and June 22, 1992in Meade, Kansas, in Rocky Ford, Colorado, in Brighton, Colorado, in Falcon, Colorado. And then I re-appeared on American Idol.". You learn to live like that. She began choreographing sequences for several movie productions, like "Reefer Madness" and "American Beauty.". Paula Abdul reflects surviving a crash landing . Paula Abdul went on record saying she had never said those things, Link to confirmation of Sandstone Amphitheater concert, 2003 NBC interview, earliest mention of the accident, 2005 People interview, discusses details including plane route. Pride festival, or other recent comeback concerts. An hour into the flight, one of the engines blew up, and the right-wing caught fire, leaving everyone in darkness. Picture of American singer, Paula Abdul during an interview with RuPaul. As far as those who don't believe her, Abdul simply stated that she doesn't care what other people have to say (via Yahoo! Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan luckily survived a huge scare during a trip to Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel wrestling event. A good title for this study would be, Paula Abdul- Plane Crash, or Train Wreck?, You know what? Her comment about not having tabloids in the 90s is laughable. This doesnt fit with her claim that the flight was from St. Louis to Denver. These two are the only records that I have seen that match any part of her story, and neither is a good fit. --Well, one thing nobody has done is CALL HER OUT and make her PROVE she was in a plane crash. She probably repeated it so much and refined it in her mind she forgot there are records of such things, or it actually started feeling real to her. Paula Abdul has wowed onlookers with her recent death- and gravity-defying live performances, during which she has swan-dived from "Cold-Hearted"-style scaffolding into the waiting arms of her. I want America to know that I have never been addicted to anything, no chemical dependency, nothing for recreational purposes.". Its just very strange that there is no proof of this event ever happening. However, Ive tried searching and cant find this article. Famous American singer and dancer Paula Abdul once revealed she survived a traumatizing plane crash in the early '90s, but years after telling the story, some think it's a sham, and here's why. Frank Pop singer and dancer Paula Abdul is "opening up" about her 1992 plane crash: "It all happened when I boarded a seven-seater plane and an hour into the flight one of the engines blew up and the right wing caught fire and everything went black," she told the crowd (via PEOPLE). She was a mess the times I saw her, and while I do not recall her ever using a cane or anything (I interacted with her maybe half a dozen times? It's like, there are seven other people that were on the plane, who were in that plane accident with me. It was crazy. Not only that, Paula has also mixed up her timeline of the incident as well. does not take responsibility for any action taken as a result of reading this article. "The problem was that, at the time, I was. If anyone is able to find it Id be happy to edit it in, but Im not including information I cant verify. The LHJ interview had direct quotes from her talking about her struggle with drug addiction. She said: lists no record of a plane crash in Iowa at any time between Abdul's St. Louis and Denver-area shows in 1992. Then, over a cornfield in Iowa, Abdul in 2019 said the following took place: It all happened when I boarded a seven-seater plane and an hour into the flight one of the engines blew up and the right wing caught fire and everything went blackI woke up in the hospital only to find that I had crushed my cervical spine, leaving me partially paralyzed.. She was loopy as hell. I wasn't able to do what I love, my heart place, which is dancing. Well, it did get some attention, but I didnt want to make aI worked it out publicity wise. Fans and tabloids during Abduls run as an American Idol judge often commented on her strange behavior, although she was quick to explain it away. Before undertaking any course of treatment please consult with your healthcare provider. In the aforementioned KDWB interview, Abdul confused several dates. Before a rapt crowd, she recalled the time everything came crashing down., It all happened when I boarded a seven-seater plane and an hour into the flight one of the engines blew up and the right wing caught fire and everything went black, she said. Abdul claimed the plane crash happened between the St. Louis and Denver stops on her tour. The injuries from the crash affected her more mentally than physically. Likewise, Im sure Princess Diana would be pleased to know that paparazzi didnt exist then. Update (June 14, 2019, 8:00 am): A reader named Katie Sowder dug up a Kansas City Star article that reviews a Paula Abdul/Color Me Badd concert that it says took place at the Sandstone Amphitheater (now Providence Medical Center Amphitheater) in Bonner Springs, Kansas, on June 20, 1992. Ditto that on a search of Google Books. From her '80s hits, including "Straight Up" and "Forever Your Girl," to her high-profile marriage to Emilio Estevez to her time as a judge in the early seasons of American Idol, Paula Abdul is considered by many to be an icon. Plane Crash. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Theory 3: Paula Abdul is telling the truth about being in a crash and her story was brought into doubt due to some unfortunate gaps in information, such as the NTSB records being incomplete/the accident not being reported at all, her own choice to keep quiet for an extended period of time, and miscommunications about whether or not she was using pain medication. Back then, we didn't have tabloids like we do now," she said. As her new Las Vegas residency took off, Paula Abdul opened up about a crash landing. I want to bring to everyone's attention a scene from her reality show where is fucked up out of her mind while sampling perfume. Sure, rx is cleaned and safer than street dope but the body doesnt care. Which makes it all the weirder that she keeps talking about a plane crash that really doesn't seem like it happened. Anyone able to verify that better? As her new Las Vegas residency took off, Paula Abdul opened up about a crash landing. Abdul is one of the many celebrities lucky to escape a plane crash and tell the story. Since at least 2003, Abdul has been vocal about suffering a slew of traumatic injuries during a 1992 plane crash. Paula Abdul launched her "Forever Your Girl" Vegas show on Thursday (October 24), and though an exciting night the 57-year-old took some time to recall a particularly traumatic time in her life: when she was involved in a plane crash in 1992. 2005 People interview, discusses details including plane route. The strongest piece of evidence cited by those who believe Paula Abdul is lying is the lack of evidence. In the early '90s, Paula Abdul was in a plane crash that required cervical surgeries. While Paula has said that the plane crash served as a turning point in her career, there are people who aren't convinced that the plane accident occurred at all. Did you know that Paula Abdul allegedly suffered a serious plane crash in the early 1990s and that this plane crash supposedly led to years of dependence on . I was a big fan of hers when I was young, I vaguely remember the story about the plane crash and I definitely remember hearing about her injuring her back and struggling w/ an eating disorder. "When we plummeted, I hit my head on the ceiling of the plane. Watch Paula Abduls full Yahoo Entertainment interview below, in which she discusses MC Skat, her friendship with Gene Kelly, working with Keanu Reeves, her lost 1978 musical movie Junior High, new music, and the possibility of her working again with original American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Walt Disney Luckily, a team of imaginary rescue workers was on hand to save the day. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. ), Abduls rep did not respond to my request for clarification on this matter. So, I really don't care what people have to say. I withstood 15 cervical spinal surgeries and I had to take seven years off. I'm not ready for the facelift and cutting I wanted any alternative to doing that and I don't have downtime. A spokesperson in the press office of the Federal Aviation Administration wrote to me that its possible that such a crash would have not been investigated if it resulted in minor damage to the aircraft and minor injuries to those on board. 2 According to an edit in the Jezebel story, there was a Kansas City Star article claiming Abdul had performed in Kansas City on June 20, 1992, which would basically rule out a St. Louis to Denver flight. Not only that, Paula has also mixed up her timeline of the incident as well. But last Thanksgiving, determined to overcome her habit, she checked into the La Costa Resort and Spa, in Carlsbad, California, to wean herself off her medications in one fell swoop. As her new Las Vegas residency took off, Paula Abdul opened up about a crash landing. I worked for a dog walking company in 2002, and one of the clients I occasionally walked for was Paula Abdul. Her tour ran from October 1991 to August 1992 and despite having searched accident records 3 for that timespan I have been unable to find any record of this crash. She said: During the end of my world tour, the Spellbound tour, when I was traveling from one city to the next, in a small seven-seater plane, one of the engines blew up and the right wing caught on fire, and we crash-landed. During the opening night of her show at Flamingo Las Vegas on Thursday, the 57-year-old Straight Up singer referenced an alleged 1992 plane crash she previously spoke to PEOPLE about in 2005. I don't. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Hard to diagnose. "I went through all of that, mostly, privately. Others had scary experiences and shared them with their fans. I havent heard of anyone else having it so far but my own mother. All three of the outlets have reported that there is no public record of a plane crash occurring that included Paula. His plane made an emergency landing in Iceland after encountering problems with the brakes and tires. "It was time to set the record straight. Abdul does not seem to have refuted that she went to a place called La Costa in Carlsbad, California, but she was adamant that it was just a normal spa and she had been there for only three days. You did a kick ass job! Her story of using alternative medicine in response to her injuries from the crash partially convinced me that the strange behavior people point to as proof of her being on drugs is actually just her being herself. So although there are pre-1996 records available on this site, there is no guarantee that these records are complete. Paula Abdul has wowed onlookers with her recent death- and gravity-defying live performances, during which she has swan-dived from Cold-Hearted-style scaffolding into the waiting arms of her reliable backup dancers. Could she be lying? But by the sound of the story someone wanted to keep it secret back then. I find it hard to believe she claims she was never out of it during her time on American Idol. The fairy godmother of aspiring pop singers revealed she survived a plane crash while on her "Spellbound" tour in 1992, leaving her with many injuries requiring several surgeries. From a [pain] scale of one to 10, my normal was hovering at seven. The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The Truth About The Plane Crash Paula Abdul Claims She Was In. It was on my birthday, too." (As previously. I'm guessing she has a new album out or is promoting something. She suffered years of chronic pain, a battle she dealt with privately. I work out a lot, I'm pretty healthy and active, but there's certain areas that I felt like could use a little more sculpting and I just wanted to have a sleeker jawline. The strange part is that as I dug deeper in my internet research, I found that there is actually no record or report of any plane crash that she was ever involved in. Thanks! I mean, I had a spinal cord injury and nerve damage. "You can't take things personally, and the things that resonate with you that can help you become better, the best version of yourself, you hold onto and you work through that. The whole plane was in flames, is how she described it to the Hudson Union Society. Of course, Abdul's life is very real but many people wonder if the plane crash she claims to have been in was pure fantasy. Abdul has had to endure a series of professional and personal challenges to build the career she now has. Offers may be subject to change without notice. An Entertainment Weekly report about the summer of 1992's tours mentioned a June 22 Abdul concert at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre in Englewood, Colorado, which is six miles outside of Denver. At any rate several of them must still be alive and some may have been injured just like she was. Another remarkable thing is that none of the plane crashes in the National Transportation Safety Boards database remotely fits Abduls description, given the possible dates when such a crash allegedly took place. BestsellerThe Barista Express grinds, foams milk, and produces the silkiest espresso at the perfect temperature. I've always wondered about her plane crash story too. The veteran singer remarked that she is glad there were no social media platforms during her crash, or else she would have been considered a damaged star. No news stories from the time of the supposed crash report, and no National Transportation Safety Board records exist of any plane crash in that area within that time frame. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. "[I] didn't want to talk too much about it, because it took me a long time to build the career that I had, and I didn't want to be counted out or fearful of people not understanding and thinking that, 'Well, maybe she's really not doing well,'" she told the outlet. And the other stuff isn't my business., Now Abdul is once again opening up about her traumatic accident that she says happened during her Spellbound tour. "And the other stuff isn't my business.". Because of this I am assuming that this is a mistake rather than an actual lie. There are several remarkable things about this oft-repeated account that generally go unremarked. A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. As Jezebel notes, Paula Abdul has been claiming since at least 2003 that she survived an early 1990s plane crash, and that she took some time off afterward to recover from her injuries. I agree. Famous actor Jason Momoa might be the fearless Khal Drogo in "Game of Thrones," but he is not immune to scary plane experiences. 21. The Equalizer' Queen Latifah Once Publicly Called Her Long-time Speculated Partner Eboni Nichols My Love, Patsy Cline Talked about Her Time to Go Right before the Fatal Crash That Left Her Two Kids without a Mom, Annette Funicello Was Unable to Eat, Drink & Talk during Her Last Years Her Husband Never Gave up Hope, Why Did Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Break Up? Further speaking about that time in her life, Abdul said during her Forever Your Girl Vegas show, I lost myself, I lost my passion and that little girl inside me who was once fearless. Entertainment). This plane story was probably concocted partially for doctor shopping for opiate painkillers, even the timing of her "issues" lines up with the explosion of pill mills in the USA and marketing of Oxycontin. Abduls 2009 Ladies Home Journal interview describes her spending Thanksgiving 2008 weaning herself off of a painkiller addiction: The rumors that her sometimes-bizarre behavior was fueled by drugs just may have been true. Of Course the Grammys Brought Up the Slap, Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, Lucien Laviscount Dishes on Red Flags and Romantic Deal Breakers. Abdul was taking heavy-duty pain killers, though she claims she never shot an Idol episode under the influence. I think Paula just gets high on pain pills and makes things up. There is enough room for the basic story to be true. The award-winning dancer noted that she found herself in the hospital with serious injuries on her body. So, I really don't care what people have to say. I gritted my teeth. We had plenty of tabloid journalism then it was simply in print. Her fame earned her many accolades, working alongside stars like Janet Jackson and other popular artists. Here's What Happened to Randy Jackson and the Other OG 'American Idol' Judges. Was this a ploy for attention that ripped off of Gloria Estefans accident? However, no record of any such plane crash exists, and her telling of the events surrounding the supposed event has changed over the years. Like you, I had no reason to doubt Paula Abdul's claim that she had been in a plane crash. The other, more popular theory, is that she used the plane crash as an excuse to either explain away her loopy behavior during her American Idol years as non-drug related (if you believe 2005 USA Today I have never been addicted to anything Paula Abdul) or to excuse it as being caused by medication prescribed to her for her injuries. But thats not quite true, either. Thank God for the Kardashians, moving the needle and showing laser procedures on television and actually educating women of what's out there, says the always candid Abdul. Now, Abdul is focused on self-esteem and self-care. She explained that during turbulence she hit her head and suffered a head/neck injury. It's like, there are seven other people that were on the plane, who were in that plane accident with me. Paula Abdul at Build Studios in 2019, in New York City | Photo: Getty Images. Definitely a blog talking about this. But, she also said that she wasn't alone on the aircraft, and that there are others out there who can corroborate her story. Abdul claims to have performed in St. Louis before the fateful flight, heading to Denver, and to have boarded immediately following this performance. Famous American singer and dancer Paula Abdul once revealed she survived a traumatizing plane crash in the early '90s, but years after telling the story, some think it's a sham, and here's why. I can understand that rationale to a point but its also how we got into this opioid crisis to begin with. While there is a rehab center in Carlsbad called La Costa, the article refers to La Costa Resort and Spa, which is an actual resort and spa. We didnt have the extent of paparazzi or the (internet), so you were able to contain some information.. But I live a fully normal life. A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. Especially when there is so much circumstantial evidence, such as her strange behavior that the tabloids latched onto. A lot of women here in this industry, they don't talk about this until now. I love you from the bottom my heart. The 59-year-old has also worked as a songwriter, actor, and television personality, appearing on popular shows like "So, You Think You Can Dance?" 2020 Yahoo interview where Abdul discusses people doubting her and why she did not speak about the crash earlier. So back then neurosurgery, especially with having spinal cord injury and having surgery, there was a 50/50 chance to get better. "No one on the show knew I was in pain. I was really injured. It's all through exercises that are like audio-spatial. Paula Abdul has wowed onlookers with her recent . What they did is they rewired my neurotransmitters to block pain. Abdul says shes been happily pain-medication-free for almost nine years now, as a result of biofeedback treatment. After becoming a top pop singer in the '80s, Paula took a break from Hollywood for several years in the '90s before she reemerged to be a judge on American Idol in 2002. We may earn a commission from links on this page. Born in San Fernando, California, in 1962, Abdul's career began as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team when she was 18. Paula Abdul on her 'Coming to America' wedding choreography: 'One of the things Im most proud of', Vibeology: Paula Abdul's favorite choreography moments of her career, Paula Abdul straight-up slays with spectacular Billboard Music Awards performance, Paula Abdul stuns in a tiny tuxedo dress for her red carpet return: 'How does she still look this amazing?'. /*# sourceMappingURL=*/random gossip. A spokesperson in the NTSBs media relations department told me that a scenario in which such a crash occurred but was not documented by the NTSB would seem unlikely, though it could be possible if it was never reported and if wreckage was never found. Abdul told King there were no fatalities. And then I reappeared on American Idol.. I assume pilots are included in the number? All Rights Reserved. Im very curious what everyone else thinks about this case. This means that there is a gap that these other two shows fit into, although it is odd they arent listed as part of the tour despite being part of the tour. Ep 7: The Great Debate: Paula Abdul's Plane Crash Revisited! This, in conjunction with her (also consistent) story about a cheerleading accident in high school followed by several smaller car accidents over the years, means that Paula Abdul already has a pretty good reason to be using painkillers. Plane crash inspires Ohio train derailment conspiracy theories.