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He said that there was no sign pointing to the Mersey Way. Walking on, the church tower at Hale was visible across the fields where a tractor was ploughing, pursued by a flock of seagulls. There are safety reasons for closure but there are no reasons why it cant be realigned. Hi people. For further information, please call TRAVELINE, Public Transport Info, 0871 200 22 33, A Green Flag winning local nature reserve with 32 hectares of natural landscapes and, Victoria Park holds the coveted Green Flag Award and is regarded as Haltons premier park, Land Rover Experience Liverpool offers you an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself, Velocity Widnes is the best place to have fun! During the winter the estuary is of major importance for ducks and waders, and in the spring and autumn migration periods its a crucial stopover for wader populations moving along the west coast of Britain. We have the biggest indoor inflatable in, The ruins of Halton Castle stand on a prominent rocky hill overlooking the River Mersey., Solve the puzzle of the Speke Hall maze. Moving on from Hale I headed down the roadtowardsthe lighthouse. During the summer months dragonflies and damselflies can be seen hawking the pond and ditches: azure and blue-tailed damselflies, brown and southern hawkers are the commonest, though large red damselfly and common darters are regular. of wintering ducks which normally include good numbers of. Just north of Hale is a place called Hough green and Haugh is used to describe what could very well be the local landscape. You cant forget that the airport is nearby on this stretch you walk parallel to the approach which aircraft make on their descent to the runway. Hale Wild Poppies Sandstone Quarry 41. In recent years a small number of Bewick and Whooper swans have stayed on the marsh during the winter. BIRDING AROUND HALE AND PICKERINGS PASTURE I met up with Malc curtin this morning and we headed to Pickerings pasture for high tide. Pickerings Pasture 105 Reviews #4 of 22 things to do in Widnes Nature & Parks, National Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas Mersey View Road, Widnes WA8 8LP, England Open today: 07:00 - 19:00 Save Beverley M Formby, United Kingdom 40 21 Walked through to Spike Island Review of Pickerings Pasture Reviewed 2 August 2015 Carr lane pools held good numbers of Teal and 12 Black tailed godwits.A walk down to Hale lighthouse was unproductive with the neighbouring fields holding good numbers of Curlew. All riders will be required to wear a helmet and carry spare inner tubes and the means to be able to repair a puncture (assistance will be provided if needed). I am happy for British Cycling to send me cycling news, content, offers and tips: A steady ride out to the pretty village of Hale then on to West Bank Marina at Spike Island, Widnes overlooking the river Mersey and return via Pickering's Pasture at Halebank. Once the road ran all the way down to the foreshore here. I thought you might like to see my email to Graham in case he gets in touch directly. a good mix of small fruiting bushes. Couple of benches along paths. Hi Gerry this is an excellent blog . This ride is suitable for hybrid bikes (fitted with road and off-road tyres), mountain bikes and road bikes (with caution) and is mostly on hard surface roads and cycle paths and short sections of park paths some of which may have a loose stone finish. Educational facilities/plaques are in place and guided tours are conducted by a member of the parks an countryside staff. have some great memories as young boy walking down dungeon lane to oglet shore me &my brother used to walk to Garston docks & back in the 50s &60s great fun . However the paddocks can still often produce small numbers of. Please ensure that you can cope with a thirty mile bike ride at this pace. There is no access on to the marsh itself, which can be viewed from Withins Way from Hale Village and from the road between Hale and Halebank, and from the hide at Pickerings Pasture LNR Halebank. St. Mary's Church John Middleton, Childe of Hale Hale Lighthouse At this point we met a man walking his 'Staffy' puppy. The decoy is also part of the Mersey Estuary that is designated for its nature value, and International Ramsar site and SSSI for its safe feeding and roosting area for large numbers of wading birds and ducks. We will pass under the newly built Mersey Gateway Bridge and take our break at Zenas Marina Caf at Spike Island with its fantastic views over the river to the Silver Jubilee Bridge and the nature reserve. Given the size of the We barely made it back to the car park when the heavens opened and we called it a day. A great days birding and two more quality birds to the list. We were soon back at the car with me snoozing in my bed on the back seat. The name Dungeon derives from the Anglo-Saxon dunge or denge, meaning marshland, or land that adjoins a marsh (think of Dungeness in Kent), rather than having any association with castles or imprisonment. Hale Village & Lighthouse, Spike Island & Pickering's Pasture Sunday 10th April 2022 12:30pm Starting from - The Environment Centre, Halewood Park, Okell Drive, Halewood (near to Halewood Triangle). Mill Farm, with numbers of passage migrants relatively low compared to spring The Jubilee Bridge and Mersey Gateway Bridge along with Ethelfleda, the railway bridge, spanned the river where it narrowed further upstream. situated in the middle of Hale Marsh, and is a small brackish lagoon surrounded From this junction we followed the muddy Mersey Way along the shore towards Liverpool John Lennon Airport. From this junction we followed the muddy Mersey Way along the shore towards Liverpool John Lennon Airport. There is a hide at the far western end of Pickerings Pasture which overlooks a scrape and Hale Marsh. 207076, Scotland no. which overlooks a scrape and Hale Marsh. Fiddler's Ferry Power Station 43. We then head to our refreshment stop at Zena's Marina Cafe, Spike Island overlooking the River Mersey, the Mersey Gateway Bridge and the nature reserve. In 1799, after America had gained its independence, the fort was named Fort Pickering after Colonel Timothy Pickering, a Salem native who served as Secretary of State under President Washington. Heath Park Hill 44. The paddocks often hold sizable numbers of, Summer To the east of Pickerings Pasture there is a large industrial area Lots of paths to follow. Always remember, we will never leave anyone behind! Moore Flowers Home Weather 38. I am happy for British Cycling to send me cycling news, content, offers and tips: This ride is initially limited to members of The FC's Friendly Cyclists Satdy Club. During spring tides it is often flooded, but Next port of call was Hale village for a history lesson.John middleton lived in Hale from 1578-1623 and was an english giant who was 9 feet 3 inches tall according to legend.He was that tall he slept with his feet out his cottage window! The walk ends at Hale lighthouse (top) which stands at Hale Head. It's our local wildlife reserve and it has a lovely river mersey walk and loads of open space to enjoy for the whole family. Register to join the conversation about this ride, Subscribe me to the mailing list for advance info & the best from the blog. Late passage waders, and early The rangers and friends of the pasture have put up to nestboxes to encourage breeding on site. The Beatles Story and Strawberry Field Combination Ticket, Mendips & 20 Forthlin Road (Beatles Childhood Homes). The first on Carr Lane itself, which A Green Flag Award winning Local Nature Reserve with acres of wild flower meadows and a fabulous view across the upper Mersey estuary. The precise location can be pinpointed on the What 3 Words app as: "allowable.lizard.sweeping", L26 7YD The path was quite slippery and muddy all along the shoreline. drinking pools which can be productive. As fish numbers increase, so to have sightings of Cetaceans (porpoises, dolphins and whales). migration. Then again, it is His watch was stolen and he had to go to court because they knew the youths that did it. Shortly, we turned right onto Hale Road to head along the pavement towards Hale Village. Birds of prey seen hunting over the estuary/marsh, peregrine, merlin, sparrowhawk, buzzard, kestrel, marsh harrier and the rarer hen harrier. Feeding ducks included a few Wigeon and the usual skulking Teal. Bridge 47. Small layby/car parking area junction of church rd/lighthouse rd. Flocks of hedgerow birds were exploiting the late summer seedheads; there were burdock (the dog came home with her coat festooned with the velcro-like burrs), teasel, and a delicate pink-and-white striped bindweed. around Burnt Mill Farm and Carr Lane is mostly arable, with a mix of crops and No public dicussion or debate has taken place regarding the closure and non realignment of Dungeon Lane, Ashtons Lane. An open horse paddock to the north of Burnt Mill Farm is grazed throughout the Note: only a member of this blog may post a comment. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Design a site like this with It was not without danger. (March-May) doesnt normally get going until early April, but the scrub around I could really call my own. The river is very wide at this point, with the lights of Ellesmere Port visible on the far side across enormous shifting banks of mud and sand pecked over by gulls. Revenue impacts the experiences featured on this page, Excellent for a stroll on a summer evening along the riverside promenade. Credit: Mary Hines. Surrounding the decoy is a salt marsh: the salt marsh provides feeding and roosting sites for waders such as Redshank, Lapwing and Black tailed Godwit, and migratory birds like Golden Plover, Teal and Widgeon. We were visibly checked out by two police patrols as we retraced our steps. , close scrutiny can reveal something rarer. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (LogOut/ The path follows the top of the low clay cliffs; between the path and the cliff edge is a strip of shrubs, reeds and saplings. (March-May)is when the pools are at their best. ^ " ^ . The village still retains something of its rural and farming character, the product of the rich and fertile soils hereabouts. - Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millennium. As the river continues to recover from industrial pollution, the range of fish species in the estuary has increased to over 50. The salt works closed in the late 1840s, and the quay was then used by a firm of ship breakers. Looking over Carr Lane Pools from the track we saw a very strange looking goose with the Canadas, which we agreed was a cross between a Canada and Bar-Headed. This is the first of two walks that I took along a stretch of the Mersey Way, accompanied by our dog and starting at the end of Dungeon Lane, a road that runs, alongside the perimeter fence of John Lennon Airport, from Speke estate down to the river. Benches & picnic tables on site.No Tiolet facilities. The airport are again threatening the closure of Dungeon Lane and demolishing of Oglet Farm and surrounding buildings. The area is made up of mainly arable land, but the river path has . Change). and sandbars are revealed, along with small areas of rocky shore. Hale Icehouse Woods has a mixture of mature trees and has three small Children like to play in grass areas but sadly far too much dog litter. inaccessible, but can be viewed from a number of areas. Credit: Mary Hines. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. pickerings pasture to hale lighthouse. ^ ^ f .o 1 *> * .V n ..V * ,G O *. This is a lovely stretch, with fields and wooded copses inland and the Mersey estuary opening out from the Runcorn gap in a series of broad, sweeping bays. (Please note the cafe stop is approximately 12 miles into our 30 mile route). However if considering a walk extension, there is a Series of a zig-zagging shallow steps which ascend to cross the bridge over Ditton Brook, cycle path leads onto Runcorn Bridge. A small bridge crosses the moat. Rare and numbers can be variable throughout, and passage wader numbers will tail off by Good luck with the campaign. Map Of Area Walking down the Mersey towards Runcorn bridge I returned to Liverpool in 2012 I hadlittle to no knowledge of where to Salem Harbor, the second deepest harbor in Massachusetts, reached . (December-February)in the main is quiet on the pools with small numbers with dog walkers ,families and all ages we have even took a packed breakfast with us on Xmas morning ! Speke airport was constructed between 1930 and 1933, but until 1986 was located on a smaller site near Speke Boulevard (where the old terminal building is now the Crowne Plaza Hotel). These include: the port of Liverpool, Birkenhead docks, the Manchester Ship Canal, the Trafford Centre, MediaCity UK at Salford Quays, and a great deal more. I met up with Malc curtin this morning and we headed to Pickerings pasture for high tide. Post-breeding species often congregate around the Lighthouse and surrounding Starting from - The Environment Centre, Halewood Park, Okell Drive, Halewood (near to Halewood Triangle).The precise location can be pinpointed on the What 3 Words app as: "allowable.lizard.sweeping", L26 7YD, This Cycle : St Helens ride is open for anyone to join. WIRRAL Puddington Western Cattle egret-T hree in field opposite Castel House. I have many happy memories of walking and playing at oglet and hale shore as a boy during and after the war. Winter Sadly, my dad wasnt paying attention and we carried on along the lane. . The bird screen feeder was very quiet, as was the lake, but we did get some close up views of a Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding away. As we walked along Church Lane, with the sun dazzling us, we passed St. Marys Church with its imposing fourteenth century tower. Historically, Pickerings Pasture, as part of Hale Marsh, was for hundreds of years, a place where cattle and horses grazed and ducks and wading birds would feed and roost, at high tide. For such a small ish slip of land there is a real diversity of plant life, wooded area, pasture land and the view over the mersey to the welsh hills. So peaceful with the weather on our side for a change. Voice your support for Baileys Lane and the realignment of Dungeon Lane. Hardly a blog Dave, more a twitchers script! Transporter Bridge Train Arpley 42. provides good views of the pools especially in the afternoon and evening when Welcome to the Itinerary Planner. The chemical works in Weston Point and the oil refinery at Ellesmere Port dominated the banks of the estuary with Frodsham and Helsby Hills rearing up behind them. Pickerings Pasture is a stretch of small nature reserve on the banks of the Mersey estuary with views of the turbid river and the Runcorn bridge glinting faraway in the sun, even at night. Not only is there a Hough Green just near Widnes but there is also Hoghton Road in Hale. Patch birding in and around Hale and Pickerings Pasture, currently classed as north Cheshire. provides the best opportunity to catch up with terns and, Autumn As the road left the shore to continue inland we should have turned left to follow the shoreline again. I have shared a link to one of your posts on our new Halton Public Rights of Way facebook page page. These are lonely, cold, windy places, the distant factories and docks dwarfed by the size of the mud banks of the river itself. Hale (the name is Anglo-Saxon again, deriving from healh meaning promontary of land- a reference to the villages location on a bulge of land protruding into the Mersey. from mid-September through to early November when there is a light south to (LogOut/ Enjoy reading them and don't forget to and comment. The first step in these developments was the transformation of the small fishing hamlet of Dungeon into a place of industry. Welcome to my birding blog.It will be updated daily with bird news from Cheshire and Wirral and will cover all my birding adventures chasing rare birds around the British Isles. Where relevant,comply with recommended social dista WIRRAL West Kirby Marine Lake 7Scaup,5 Red-breasted Merganser and 14 Brent Geese. provides a good roosting area for waders throughout the year. I headed over to Pickerings pasture this morning to look for a Firecrest that had been reported yesterday,this is the first time I had visited the reserve which lies right on the edge of the river Mersey. The whole area is surrounded by arable land which contains a mixture of We were planning to walk on to Speke Hall but, due to this unintentional diversion we ran out of time. Pathways through - all very neat and tidy. Did all the things he describes. With guelder rose, alder buckthorn, hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel and dog rose providing lookouts and hiding place for smaller birds. (June-August) can be quiet from the Town Lane end of the Marsh. . BIRDING AROUND HALE AND PICKERINGS PASTURE CHESHIRE AND WIRRAL BIRD NEWS AND UK MEGAS POSTED DAILY,TWITCHES AND MORE! We return to our starting point via main roads and a short section of cycleway through Halewood Park, Enter date in the format dd/mm/yyyy (eg. The development of the trade in salt from Cheshire was the catalyst for improvements in communications from the Cheshire salt fields and the Lancashire coal fields to the River Mersey and Liverpool, a process that boosted the town of Liverpool and the growth of the port. Summer (June-August) Hilbre 2 Scaup and a Snip Burton mere wetlands receives visit England welcome accolade! The little village of Hale was less than two miles away, with thatched roofs, home of the giant Childe of Hale who, legend has it, was nine foot tall. Schoolboy error! If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Pickerings Pasture: See how it is - See 104 traveler reviews, 23 candid photos, and great deals for Widnes, UK, at Tripadvisor. Just a short drive away is Pickerings Pasture Nature Reserve where we enjoyed lunch overlooking the Mersey, and with the tide going out, we noticed a small sand bank held at least 2 Shag mingling with the Cormorants. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds(RSPB) is a registered charity: England and Wales no. Within Way, can be very productive for returning passage waders. Sign the petition. Puddington Cattle Egret-S till in field on Puddington Lane Leasowe Lighthouse Wheatear (male)-Ke Feb 25th Merlin,2 Peregrine,2 Hen Harrier (male and ringtail) and 2 Great Egret- Old Baths, Parkgate . south-easterly and bright conditions, when up to 20,000 birds can be seen Location Hale centre can be reached within 5 minutes' walk. Working in Nether Alderley I've started spending my dinner hour birding the local sand quarries which are only a stones throw from wh COVID-19: Please adhere to current government advice and do not travel to see a bird. 2022 Nice area for a short walk, free parking, plenty of grassed areas to explore and see the lovely wild flowers and birds. The Hale Duck Decoy is an important Scheduled Ancient Monument, is the only surviving one in the North West.The Decoy is in the shape of an irregular pentagon, five arms known as decoy pipes, about 20 metres long radiate from the pond into the woodland. Walking down Lighthouse Lane I was ecstatic to see lots of walkers in brightly coloured . Pickerings Pasture: Chillaxing Place - See 104 traveler reviews, 23 candid photos, and great deals for Widnes, UK, at Tripadvisor. We Have visited Pickering's Pasture on a regular basis now for some years .its great for walking as its next to the River Mersey ,it constantly changes as the seasons change the wildflowers and bird life are fantastic ,if your an avid walker you can do so for miles or just take a gentle stroll , its popular. I parked the car and set off down to the Dungeon. I grew up in Moore on the other side of the River between Warrington and Runcorn and was born in Warrington. Intend to continue this Mersey Path when the new bridge is completed. The route in part is concurrent with the Trans-Pennine Trail. We had the place to ourselves. When we reached the end of Oglet lane we turned into Dungeon Lane and then right onto Baileys Lane. (September-November) can be very productive with often good numbers of. Cheshire. heron,Redshank,Oystercatcher,Shelduck and Canada Goose.On the way back to the car an injured Pink Footed goose flew low past us. years flooding has also created a new set of pools (known by the local birders My It was a favourite destination for a family walk. 20200120_125632 by Mal Davies, on Flickr 20200120_105402 by Mal Davies, on Flickr 20200120_110655 by Mal Davies, on Flickr Well done. Till next time! RM 2NCJW6E - Thomas Pickering, left, is sworn-in by Secretary of State James Baker at the White House in Washington Monday, March 20, 1989 as the new U.S. (December-February) is relatively quiet with only the resident woodland species John Middleton, also known as the Childe of Hale, was the villages most famous resident. tide, about two hours prior to high tide produces the best opportunity to see