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Answer: We update our Winners Circle regularly; more and more winners are added every day! Some scammers will even send a fake check for you to cash and wire to them to them for fees. David from PCH at (646)-817-6889 Called to say I am the winner. they would pay off one of my credit card so I can have the money to open check account with another bank they paid the credit card off then asked me to write 2 separate check for,4500 and deposit in my original account and sign the money to myself in order to get my winnings well it was a scam they misrepresented publishing clearing house. Identity thieves are almost only ever after one thing: your money. Customer Service is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 11 PM & Saturday 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time Was this answer helpful? This material may not be reproduced without permission. 0000033766 00000 n We wont post threats, defamatory statements, or suggestions or encouragement of illegal activity. 0000019874 00000 n We review all comments before they are posted, and we wont post comments that dont comply with our commenting policy. 0000020777 00000 n Never send money to collect a prize, sweepstakes check, or lottery winnings. We found a number of tweets from people who said they received a phone call from scammers who claimed to be with Publishers Clearing House. They create fake accounts for recognizable Prize Patrol members like Dave Sayer, Danielle Lam, or Todd Sloane. But if you get a call from someone saying, Youve won, dont believe the hype. If Publishers Clearing House Calls You, it's a Scam On July 21, the Federal Trade Commission released a statement outlining a new scam involving Publishers Clearing House. I've been in PCH since 1999. Maria S. October 15, 2020 Publishers Clearing House Scams. Legitimate winning notifications are also never sent via Facebook and any other social media platforms! Then I got another letter saying I was such a good customer that they were upping my prize to $125,000.00 check and they had upped my lifetime All adult members get all the listed benefits. Publishers Clearing House scam still regularly targeting victims Updated: 6:55 PM EST Jan 25, 2022 Brian Roche Anchor Show Transcript In the past few days, WGAL viewers have been reaching. The site is secure. So he asked my husband and I to get on speaker phone to hear everything and then he hung up. For PCHgames, please click here. . Now pay us, is always scammer. The purpose of this blog and its comments section is to inform readers about Federal Trade Commission activity, and share information to help them avoid, report, and recover from fraud, scams, and bad business practices. Each call received by Publishers Clearing House is answered by a recorded greeting that includes a reminder that the "winning is always free." For those who would like to hear more, a prompt is provided that offers callers additional educational information and warnings regarding bogus offers that may request payment to claim a prize. homeless They then ask for money before they can claim their winnings. 0000045668 00000 n Scammers can spoof the caller ID so that it appears as if youre receiving a genuine call from Publishers Clearing House. We do not ask for bank account information. Publishers Clearing House 101 Winners Circle Jericho, NY 11753 To call us, please call us at 1-800-566-4724. If the routing number does not match the bank name, its a huge red flag! Publishers Clearing House / - received a package I never ordered . 1. It is your choice whether to submit a comment. 0000045558 00000 n cheap We wont post comments that include personal information, like Social Security numbers, account numbers, home addresses, and email addresses. Unfortunately, because PCH is such a recognizable name tied to big-money winners, this dynamic lends itself to different Publishers Clearing House impersonator scams and swindlers using our good name.. how to delete your private data from the Internet,, How to Tell If An Online Transaction Is Safe, 7 Surefire Ways to Spot if a Website is Safe to Use, How To Efficiently Block Every Harmful Website On The Internet, How To Stop Third Parties From Tracking Your Device, Here Are The Most Effective Ways To Protect Yourself From Phishing, How To Remove Your Personal Information From The Internet, How To Tell If Someone Is Scamming You Online. Identity theft and fraud protection for your finances, personal info, and devices. I told him, if true, haha, just send it & stop calling. They never award prizes over the phone, on social media, in email, or through the mail. I get a call from 3234730677. ,DevP_ 5YiN449q?k]87 BGzx>hM!tJ$~a1pG=>m9}AQ$Vv IAhEnYA;wv But thats not the only way scammers get your money with this scam. 3 and 4 times a day they call her. At Publishers Clearing House the winning is always free! 7 48 They may even impersonate PCH executives like Deborah Holland., Related: The Worst Social Media Scams of 2023 (and How To Avoid Them) , Everyone would love to pick up the phone and hear that theyve won millions of dollars. 0000027400 00000 n At PCH winners of our major prize awards are notified live and in person by our famous Prize Patrol. 1/200. medical assistance You may cancel your membership online and request a refund within 60 days of your initial purchase date of an eligible Aura membership purchase by calling us at 1-855-712-0021. No matter whether a scammer has contacted you by phone, by postal mail, by email or by social media (such as Facebook), we strongly encourage you to fill out the online PCH scam form. 0000029446 00000 n Reported and registered do not call list. We have links to help you avoid becoming a victim of a scam! So we started asking him questions, like where they were located, their address and was told he would transfer us to a Senior Attorney to answer all our questions. Well story short, I just trick him saying that I am out right now but can be home laterbut when I asked him if he is trying to scam me , he raised his voice and hang me up!! This means that Facebook verified it. In one case, 63-year-old Kenneth Jordan received a phone call claiming to be from PCH telling him hed won $3.5 million [*]. Watch out, they're back at it. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure youre on a federal government site. The PCH sweepstakes email, letter, or text message you receive will tell you to respond quickly, or else you will miss out on your winnings. 0000045780 00000 n cash assistance According to the statement, people pretending to be from Publishers Clearing House call consumers and tell them they've won a grand prize. Nonetheless, there are still scams relating to various PCH sweepstakes - scammers just couldn't let go of a chance to benefit. From phone 940-343-5506. When I told the caller I could not go to Walgreens right then he asked why not and told me I needed to go and purchase the card now. Well nobody ever arrived at his house and he surely did not get $7,000 a week for life. If you were a little too jolly with your holiday spending, here are some tips to help you pay down your credit card debt. They do not belong to or represent views of the Federal Trade Commission. For PCHlotto, please click here. They also will never ask prize winners to help load their winnings onto any kind of a card. The Federal Trade Commission Act authorizes this information collection for purposes of managing online comments. Of course they can come later but I believe I am waiting for nothing1111. Fake calls from Apple and Amazon support: What you need to know, The Google Voice scam: How this verification code scam works and how to avoid it, Show/hide Shopping and Donating menu items, Show/hide Credit, Loans, and Debt menu items, Show/hide Jobs and Making Money menu items, Money-Making Opportunities and Investments, Show/hide Unwanted Calls, Emails, and Texts menu items, Show/hide Identity Theft and Online Security menu items, doTERRA distributors charged with making unfounded COVID-19 cure claims, Tenant screening practices: the FTC wants to learn more. It is a toll free telephone number, but I am afraid to check if the number is legit. Where can I view a recent PCH Winners list? Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. A Publishers Clearing House phone scam went around again in May 2022. These imposter Scammers are using any means available: mail, telephone, email, even Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to carry out their scams. If any of these situations applies to you, please click here to fill out a Scam Incident ReportOr Chat with us nowbyclicking here. 0000020944 00000 n WE PAID A TOTAL OF $ 47,400.00 AND HE WAS ASKING FOR $90,000.00 WHICH WE DID NOT HAVE. I have called a number which I thought was Mr. Sayers and have not received a call back from him. 0000027767 00000 n Blocked him yet he used another number to call. If you are confused about whether your win is legitimate, contact Publishers Clearing House directly to ask them if they can verify your prize. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. pets Publishers Clearing House, a limited liability company founded in 1953, is a leading direct-to-consumer company offering a unique blend of curated multi-channel shopping and free-to-play, chance-to-win digital entertainment across a network of web and app-based entertainment properties. Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes are free to enter, require no purchases, and require no payments or fees to receive prizes. Then they use this content to target people who follow the PCH page and inform targets that theyve won. In May 2022, Google and Twitter users were searching for answers after receiving phone calls from scammers who claimed to be affiliated with the Publishers Clearing House (PCH) sweepstakes. `+h,&"]qsy`+0uy/Lp . WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY A PERSON NAMED JOEL JOHNSON WHO SAID HE WORKED FOR PUBLISHER CLEARING HOUSE AND WE HAD WON $7,500,000.00 AND $5,500.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE AND A 2020 MERCEDES BENZ. To contact us by mail: Write to us at the following address: To call us, please call us at 1-800-566-4724. military Well, now there's a prize scam. The fact is, Publishers Clearing House never notifies winners in advance. I was told once that they come at 9AM. For more information on how the FTC handles information that we collect, please read our privacy policy. Eventually, the scammers ask for up-front payments, a portion of the winnings, or financial data. Ive received this stuff for years and was stupid back In those days I would get so excited that I won something but it was actually nothing I would cry a lot cause I could really use the money I supposed have won thank you for listening. Director, Member Services got back to me "I was told my prize had been given to alternative winner because I did not contact them in time. An official website of the United States government. My father just had open heart surgery. All Publishers Clearing House prizes are awarded in person, as this user knew when receiving a scam call: On top of the fact that all prizes are awarded in person, Publishers Clearing House does not ask that any taxes or other kinds of fees be paid up front for wiring the money or for any other reason. The check is drawn off of an account from Jonathan & Associates CHB Services, Inc. in Compton, CA. After sending you a fake check in the mail, scammers then ask you to pay for lawyers fees or insurance. When the bank discovers that the check is fake, it will withdraw the amount from your account. coronavirus 0000226768 00000 n Their sweepstakes program gained fame in 1987 with the start of the Prize Patrol that advertised everyday Americans being surprised at their doorstep with balloons and a giant cardboard check in their name! Scammers take money from you in exchange for a reward that they promise, but it will never be sent. I pray their eyes are opened to how much hurt they cause. Heres how it works Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC. Jericho, NY 11753. Immediately, alarm bells went on in my head. I just gave a gift card to someone at that is a scam - The man that just called me David Anderson code #145dw Publishers Clearinf House-Check the vanilla gift card #4116 1006 16858774 in the amount of $100.00. Opinions in comments that appear in this blog belong to the individuals who expressed them. Your email address will not be published. At PCH winners of our major prize awards are notified live and in person by our famous Prize Patrol. It may also be a good idea to educate family members and friends who might be susceptible to this kind of scam. Period. Publishers Clearing House Phone Call Scam Targets Victims An old Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes phone scam usually asks for taxes and various fees to be paid up front in order to. Heres how to recognize signs of financial fraud and protect your money from scammers. TO claim the prize I was told to go to a Walgreens and purchase a $500.00 gift card, a one vanilla gift card. If you receive a Publishers Clearing House phone call, email, or letter in your mailbox saying that you have won a prize, you can be sure that it is a scam. In order to claim the prize, you need to send money to the organization to pay for processing fees or other charges. If you are asked to enter any personal information, you can be sure that it is a scam. Heres how it works. It also tells you to keep your winnings confidential or private so that security is maintained and other people dont cash out on your winnings. healthcare Who won the February 28, 2023 Superprize of $5,000 A Week Forever? I did the same thing as above. This scam starts with a phone call informing you that youve won a cash prize, a new car, or a vacation. 5 Best Identity Theft Protection for Seniors: 2023 Guide. Even more amazing is how so many people still fall for the elaborate con and without doing any research or vetting of any kind first before committing themselves. No. Who won the June 30, 2022 Early Look Superprize for 1 million dollars for giveaway #19500 I live in Canada. The scammers told the potential victims that all they needed to do to was pay taxes and perhaps other fees in order to wire the huge cash prizes to their bank accounts: At least one Twitter user tweeted about being duped by the Publishers Clearing House phone scam, calling it a "nightmare": Thankfully, a number of people came to the rescue and told the user to stop communicating with the scammers. When I called one of the numbers he gave me the machine said it was a travel agency and that his brother left the message. 0000020478 00000 n I was scammed, is there anyone who can help get my money back. But keep in mind, this is a moderated blog. The FTC and its law enforcement partners announced actions against several income scams that conned people out of hundreds of millions of dollars by falsely telling them they could make a lot of money. RMP They will never request any kind of fee to claim the prize. Consumer Alert. Is the sender really the Publishers Clearing House? But to collect your prize, they say, you need to send money to pay for fees and taxes. Nunc ut sem vitae risus tristique posuere. What was his last name because the pch guy that called me his first name was David, just got off the phone with david anderson, I was told by PCH that I had won $600 a week for life. 0000034280 00000 n . Publishers Clearing House emails me everyday and claims I am a winner of $7,000.00 a week but I have to purchase from their store to claim. i told them to stop by with the $100,000.00 and they can have tthe last 4 numb.s. Check with your bank before cashing checks. The Publishers Clearing House will never ask you to pay fees to claim your prize! Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. The score you receive with Aura is provided for educational purposes to help you understand your credit. ebt card 0000024602 00000 n If you have received a PCH phone call, email, or letter you are not one of the winners. But when the check you deposit bounces even after it seemed to clear you may be on the hook for the money you sent. * Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group Inc. Ive got a phone call today from claiming as PCH but very lousy voice saying I won $6.5M and will be deliver to my house today. During these difficult economic times, it is easy to imagine our financial problems disappearing by winning a big prize. These calls went on for about a week (I ignored them) and blocked them. They know my address and my dogs name. They show up at your door. This guy was a liar without a conscience!!! Your bank will then typically discover the check is not valid and you may be charged penalties and possibly even face legal issues for a felony deposit of a fraudulent check. Your email address will not be published. Still think its real? Thats a sure sign of a scam. Finally, out of disgust I answered and was told that I had won $2.5 million and a Mercedes Benz.